Our Values

Welcome to Studio 10960. We are excited to work with you and promise to uphold our values of Education, Quality, Consistency, and Care.


Education is our highest priority. We are dedicated to the enrichment of our content, new ideas, programs, and believe that everyone is a life long learner. We help instructors, staff, and students attain their personal, professional, and academic goals through media training and creation.


We are dedicated to the highest degree of proficiency, knowledge, and commitment to excellence to produce quality content that its creators can be proud of and that are at a level of service that benefits its viewers.


We value the familiarity of our brand and consistency of courses to provide services that are easy to navigate, brand aligned, and easy to recognize to not only make the educational process easier, but also to increase our ability to scale and provide services to hundreds of courses within a year.


We care about your experiences and your connection to media tools that can take your courses to the next level. We act in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards personally, professionally, and academically. We commit ourselves to your educational development and want to team up with you to make the best media content.

Your Team

We are here to help enhance your online, in-class and hybrid courses. We look forward to working with you.

Jaime Moss
Producer / Director

Our in-house media production expert Jaime has an advanced knowledge and background in studio lighting, educational media production and instructor coaching. Her great interpersonal skills and friendly approach will make you the most comfortable and happy instructor at our studio media production process. You won't regret to working with Jaime while you are enhancing your courses to all your student audience.


Matt Larcin
Senior Instructional Designer

Matt's strong background in learning design, graphic and multimedia design will help you enhance your course presentations visually and pedagogically. Matt has extensive experience working closely with academic faculty members and UCLA Extension instructors to enhance their online, hybrid and in-class courses. You won't regret to consulting with Matt before taking action to build your presentations for your course content.