Studio Recording Preparation

Prepare your presentation materials

Step I. Use Our PowerPoint Template
We encourage all our instructors to use UCLA Extension’s PowerPoint template for their courses. The template follows university branding guidelines and ensures design consistency across all UNEX courses.  Please reach out to our Instructional Designers if you need help downloading our PowerPoint template and converting your lecture materials.
Step II. Use Images Properly in your Slides
As you start to build your lecture material in UCLA Extension’s PowerPoint template, keep these guidelines in mind when adding images to your slides. Images can include photographs, charts, maps, illustrations, infographics, and much more.
  • When using images in your slides, ensure that you have copyright clearance to do so. 
  • If you own the image, you’re free to use it. This means you either created the graphic or shot the photograph yourself.
  • If the image is not yours, reach out to the copyright owner and obtain written permission to use it.
  • Include a citation directly on the slide for any 3rd party images used. 
  • To find image replacements, explore the following sites. You can search for royalty-free images that already have the proper clearances.
If you need more information on copyright laws in regards to image use, ask about our Copyright Basics course.
Step III. Prepare Scripts for Your Video Presentations

We encourage all our instructors to create scripts for their video presentations. All scripts should be written in the following file formats:

 Microsoft Word (.doc)    |    Text Document (.txt)

If you’re creating a video presentation that includes your PowerPoint slides, submit your script following our UCLA Extension Script with Slides Format.

Check out our sample video scripts below.

  • Introductory Video Script 
  • Lecture Video Script  

You’ll generally want to keep your videos under 10 minutes. If you have a larger lecture presentation, consider breaking it down into smaller, thematic parts. This allows students to take breaks and digest one concept before moving on to another.

To explore samples of videos that you can create, check out our Media Page.

Choose any of Our Recording Services

Self-service Recording
Self-service Recording bays are designed for our instructors to use on demand without the support of our team. You’ll have access to our sound-proof studio that includes high-quality microphones and our screen capture tool Panopto. Be sure to schedule two weeks in advance of when your media asset is due to give yourself ample time to prepare.  Self-service Recording bays are available Monday - Friday, 10:00am to 5:00pm PST. To book Self-service recording, use the Self Service Booking Scheduler.
Record with Our Team
You can also book a 30-minute consultation to work directly with our in-house media team. If you’re interested in creating any of the following types of videos, reach out to start the conversation. 
  • Guest speaker interviews
  • Teleprompter or Smart Podium presentations
  • Presentations where you would like to annotate
  • Demonstrations for art classes
Book your consultation at least two weeks in advance of when your media asset is due. To book a consultation with our team, use the Booking for Other Services.
Panopto Training Session
If you’re interested in learning how to use our screen capture tool Panopto, you can book a 30-minute training session with our Instructional Technologist. Training can be conducted in-person or online. To schedule  a Panopto training session, use the Booking for Other Services.

Video Shoot General Information

Studio Location & Parking

Stop by at Studio 10960 if you have a shoot scheduled. We’re located in the heart of Westwood Village at the following location:

Studio 10960 on the 17th Floor 

10960 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024

Veteran street offers free parking all day. Be mindful of street signs. Or, you can use the 2-hour free parking at the Broxton Public Parking Structure.

Broxton Public Parking Structure 

1036 Broxton Ave. (& Weyburn), Los Angeles, CA 90024

Tips for Your Shoot Day
  • Practice is key. Whether you’re coming in to record audio or video, you’ll want to practice your script out loud and become familiar with what you are going to say. For a video presentation, do a trial run in front of a mirror to get comfortable with your movements.
  • Submit all materials 48-hours before your shoot. Submit all required materials, scripts, PowerPoint presentations to the Media Team 48-hours before your scheduled shoot. This allows time for processing materials into the studio system. If your materials are not submitted in time, your shoot day will be rescheduled.
  • Wear camera-friendly clothing. Dark-colored clothing works best with our blue and green screen studio backdrops. 
        • Avoid blue, green, and white colors. 
        • Avoid tightly patterned clothing, such as lines or herringbone.

  • Bring water with you. Between the warmth of the studio lights and the vocal work involved in shooting multiple takes, please bring a refreshing drink such as water or tea.